Our Values:  Welcome, Integrity, Community

Welcome:  The power of welcome, is the act of meeting and accepting people where they are.  Everyone has to start somewhere, and wherever our customers are in that process is where we desire to pick up and guide them to their own goals.  Welcome is the core value that drives us toward the discovery of customer wants, needs, and desires.

Integrity:  We don’t just promise, we deliver.  Everything is easier with trust and trust is earned by doing what we say and being who we say we are.  Integrity is the essence of greatness. In greatness, we meet our promises, a habit that oddly requires less energy than lesser performance.  In mediocrity one would actually have to decide when, how, and how often to be great and when to be a disappointment.  That is unnecessary.  If we are prideful at Impel CBD, it is because of all our efforts toward integrity. 

Community:  Doing the journey together is always better than doing it alone.  The time and effort spent on sharing and demonstrating our values of welcome and integrity naturally builds relationships with all our stakeholders.  We want to live and work in that community as well.  Each of us gets huge emotional benefits from this as well.  Might we make a mistake along the way?  Sure, we are 100% certain of that but we are also 100% committed to the community we build.  That means we are happy to make things right.  We want every member or our community to feel proud to introduce us to new customers on their own journey.  That’s how we grow.